Rick Owens women knitwear – Popularity vouched by celebrities

Rick Owen’s world can be termed as ‘Blade Runner’. His collections are minimalist and futuristic in volume and form. His collections also are quite innovative in material selection and in the finishes. Rick Owens women knitwear is quite popular among the fashion conscious womenfolk all over the world. The main reason for this popularity being the quality, design and the brand itself. Women find in Rick’s knitwear something more than sweaters. 

You can find rich Rick Owens women knitwear collection, which includes hoodies, jackets, cardigans, vests, shawls, cape jackets and throws. Wearing this brand would make you look in your best and also is quite warm and comfortable. It is very important for the fashion conscious individual to select the right knitwear and hence many things are to be considered more than just wearing a different type of sweater. You can also find the merino wool style of clothing that suits women of all types and that is sure to satisfy the needs of the ego. 
With plenty of options available in DressSpace Rick Owens women knitwear collection, you can select the one that fits you appropriately. There are different clothing designs and styles that can be selected from.  Also, it is the brand name that is considered while investing money. Purchasing Rick Owens women knitwear, you are sure to be investing your hard earned money on a brand that you can trust to be reputed and make heads turn as you pass by. They are also quite durable, comfortable and trendy and you on wearing this prestigious label are sure to make a fashion statement among your peers. 

Rick Owens women knitwear collection is created for devoted customers who make a lifestyle. Some have defined this collection as ‘glunge’, with a mix of grunge and glamour, while others have described this brand as ‘neo gothic minimalist’ for its dark tones. Also an original look with completely new aesthetic concept is said to have been created. This is a perfect brand for women looking to change their fashion style for the better. 
Some of the celebrity style icons who have draped this wonderful brand are the beautiful South African model and Hollywood actress Charlize Theron, the Australian actress Naomi Watts and supermodel Kate Moss. With such celebrities preferring to be a part of this reputed brand, there is no doubt why this particular brand of knitwear’s popularity has been zooming sky high.


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