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For instance, the pullovers, sweaters and men clothing jackets displayed under the autumn-winter collection are manufactured with fabrics of high reputation including cashmere, wool, mohair and merino. The men clothing jackets also come in a rainbow of colors and even with specially stitched logos on the back. It makes them extremely appealing and heightens the feel-good factor of the wearer. Rick Owens men under the spring-summer collections include jerseys, T-shirts & jackets that are designed with a lighter hue. It adds to the comfort factor and is pleasing on the eye. Materials used in these dresses are of hi-tech fabrics blended with experimental ones.

Brighten your winters with the right colours & styles

Angelos-Frentzos Undershirt
So your wardrobe looks dull now & you need to get something better than the boring old greys & browns. Winter’s here with the snow pouring in & making you get dressed in so many layers that you look double your size! Well, no need to compromise with your looks to stay warm any more. Say hello to the warm yet light knitwear from Italy!

Fashion enthusiasts will agree when I say that DreassSpace Italian tops & shirts are so happening this year. the fashion industry is agog with the latest from brands like Vivia Ferragamo, Rick Owens, Issei Fujita. Many Italian based clothing designers are now in demand because everyone is waking up to the awesome Italian wear. Italian shirts & made in Italy jackets are all so popular these days & have found a permanent space in the men’s fashion sector. Same goes true for women’s wear. Starting from tops made in Italy to Italian denims, women love it all!

So now that we know who the famous designers are, lets have some basic tips on how to look hot in this winter. First of all, adding colours always helps. Though basic white & black have always looked classic, yet a splash of red or green does help. Pairing neons with subtle colours is a great way to attract attention without being too made up. There are colours that go well on both men & women, so don’t shy away from that peach coloured Italian shirt mister!

Nicolas & Mark Top
Another great winter wear is a scarf. Yes, knitted scarves are the best way to look fashionable while staying warm. Pair a knitted scarf with a shirt & a made in Italy jacket & you’ll be good to go! And when it comes to coats & jackets, classic colours always work. Stay away from whites though, you don’t want to blend in! if you are looking for fashion accessories that bear the ‘made in Italy’ tag then visit Dress Space today! For all the stylish Rick Owens balaclava, Nicholas & Mark gloves etc, is the place to shop in. Fashion accessories are sometimes more important & noticeable than the clothes! So do not forget to add that feminine touch with warm knitted gloves. Finger gloves are great for those bike rides in the cold weather, protecting your hands & making you look good too!

For men’s clothing jackets or any sort of fashion accessories, now you know where to look. Just log in to & say hello to the Italian fashion today. great prices & an authentic collect ion to choose from, Dress Space is the one stop solution for your shopping needs this winter!

This Winter Become A True Fashionista With The Best Designers’ Collections
Winter is here & a fresh new collection of designer wear awaits you. From around the world, designer like Rick Owens, Andrew Mackenzie, Issei Fujita and many others have brought to you the latest Fall-Winter collection. If you are unsure about brands & which names to go with, here is a short description of the most famous international designers.

The name DressSpace Lumen et Umbra has developed a huge fan following in the fashion industry. People looking for simple & yet elegant styles always swear by the brand called Lumen et Umbra. Founded by Italy based Japanese designer Issei Fujita, this brand is known for their versatile designs & innovative creations. Lumen et Umbra have always been known as being one of the best in men’s clothing designers based in Italy.  And now with the launch of their new women’s wear collection, Lumen et Umbra have diversified. Using inspirations from Japanese traditional wear , Fujita has used the technique of Intrasia & has created many beautiful women’s wear collection.  His masterpieces are inspired by the paintings of Da Vinci and thus stand out for being so unique.
Lumen et umbra T-shirt with hood
There are many men’s clothing designers around & one of the best is Rick Owens. Although discovered late in the fashion world, he has made his creations quite known & appreciated by many. Working out of Paris, his designs are known to be very exquisite & ambiguous. He doesn’t have any conceptual works, but rather a ‘glamour meets grunge’ kind of look. And not just for men, Rick designs for women too. Closely fitted coats & jackets that would flatter any female’s body is his benchmark.  He himself calls his designs as being a ‘reflection of teenage angst without feeling any angst’!

Angelos Frentzos is another name you should try, if fashion is your call. This Greek designer has taken the fashion world by storm since 1999! With his experience & creativity he has carved a niche for himself in fashion designing & one can already check out his sprin-summer collection of 2013. And it’s not just about the clothes, he’s renowned for the various accessories he designs including belts, bags & even shoes. Although based in Athens, his work has earned acclaim in New York, Dusseldorf, Milan & the fashion hub of the world-Paris!

Now that you are aware of many men’s clothing brands, let’s tell you where to find them. Log in today at dressspace[dot]com & treat your eyes to the exclusive designer wear collection. Affordable & genuine, Dress Space lets you indulge in the fabulous collection of the greatest of men’s clothing brands. So log in & start shopping today!

Welcome The Winter With Fashionable Winter Wear
Seasons change brining with them a new range & style of clothing. Be it Milan, Paris, America or London, every designer gets to work to build the most fashionable winter outfits. Fashion shows abound & new trends are set. But some things never change. No matter what the hottest trends are, winters will always see our scarves, stoles & coats coming out of the closet. So are you ready to welcome this winter with the right winter wear? Read on to find out what’s the latest in fashion this season.

Piling on layers of garment is not the way you welcome winter. The right coats, blazers & balaclava can come to your rescue & give you the right look at the same time ensuing you stay warm. Be it men or women, warm clothes do not always stand for heavy, fattening clothes. Picking the right brand is very important. DressSpace Italian knitwear is the talk of the fashion world. Stylish, elegant & made to suit you, these winter wear garments provide warmth & comfort. Brands like Rick Owens, Jon & Carlos, Once More & quite recently Lumen et Umbra have come up with trendy women’s knitwear collection!
Clare Tough Maglia scollo ampio
Some tips are essential when dressing for that cold winter night. Like if you are wearing a long coat then accessorize it with a stylish scarf & high heels. Extra height will make the coat look shorter & not make you look like you’re dressed for Halloween! And of course, don’t forget the leggings to keep your legs warm. Also bright colours take the dullness away from your look. Pair your black knitwear made in Italy with that stylish red shirt or tops. Red is a great winter colour & can never go wrong, unless you wear a white with it!

And for the men, winter is a time to bring out those sexy made in Italy leather jackets! If you love biking, then these leather jackets are a must have in your wardrobe. Paired with the right Nicholas & Mark or Jan & Carlos gloves, you can turn the heat on this winter! If you are the less adventurous types then an elegant balaclava by Rick Owens is also something to think about. Lumen et Umbra is another name that has been renowned for their stylish Italian knitwear & other men’s fashion accessories over the years.

If you are wondering now if you have to plan your winter in Italy to shop for these amazing winter wardrobe, you don’t! simply log in to now & feast your eyes on top designs by Rick Owens, Lumen et Umbra, Andrew Mackenzie & others! Affordable & yet fashionable, Dress Space brings you the latest in knitwear made in Italy! So shop today & get yourself that long coveted made in Italy jacket!

Fashion Trends: Are You Sure You Accessorized Right?
Fashion is not just about wearing the latest styles and designs, it also involves pairing the right accessories with the outfit. Sometimes a very common outfit can be made gorgeous with the right scarf or statement necklace. Just like your make up adds glamour to your original beauty, fashion accessories add that extra glam touch to your wardrobe. One must never compromise on accessorizing their outfits as they often leave a better impression than the outfit itself!

When it comes to women, they have a variety of options for accessories. But which to pick & how to style it, is the question. DressSpace accessories made in Italy are the hottest this year. You can never make a mistake with the ‘Made in Italy’ tag. Scarves & stoles are a must have fashion accessories for women this winter. A stole or a scarf goes with any kind of outfit, be it for an evening date or a normal day in the office. Women’s knitwear also include the winter caps & scarves that go fashionably well with any kind of wardrobe. Try on a Once More stole with your dress & you’ll know what I mean. A Rick Owens scarf similarly is an ideal choice for a cold day at the office. And why just winter, scarves or stoles are ideal for summers too. A bright floral scarf by Angelos-Frentzos can be worn stylishly with your summer dress, adding a touch of the colourful summer to your outfit.  Another favourite amongst womens fashion accessories are handbags. A woman simply must have a handbag each time she moves out. And not just any random bag would do. To be properly accessorized, the handbag should be in sync with the outfit & also good enough to carry all the essential stuff, like make up, car keys, mobile phone etc.
For men, leather is an important part of their outfits. Men fashion accessories include leather belts, cuff links, ties, scarves & knit wear. To look like a gentleman, one must always dress immaculately with precision. Sharp dressing with the right accessories is the key to getting noticed. A Jan & Carlos men’s stole for winter or an Angelos-Frenztos belt is what will get you the needed attention. Be it women’s knitwear or men’s fashion accessories, the essential rule is to keep it coordinated & toned down. Sometimes we may get carried away with the whole thing & end up looking too dressed up. So even if you are wearing accessories made in Italy pr France, remember to keep it simple & not too overdressed. Login to today to get fashion tips & pick yourself the latest fashion accessories from names like Rick Owens, Angelos-Frenztoz, Once More etc.

Have You Tried Italian DENIMS & JEANS

Denims, derived from De-Nimes in France, are something which has been associated with the men’s attire since long. They are the most versatile and bearing materials in the fashion industry. They have been successfully propagated and advertised by the Hollywood stalwarts. The denims were styled into bell-bottomed trousers and were used by the Italian sailors from Genoa. That was how “geans” (jeans) came into existence. When we are talking of jeans then how can we forget he leading brands of jean pants in the fashion industry- GAS, Diesel and Levi Strauss.

GAS denims are manufactured at a company owned by an Italian family. It was established in 1970 by Mr. Claudio Grotto. The Italian jeans manufacturer has a reputation of producing finest quality of jeans at low prices. The company is known for its simple yet stylish designs. The advertising motto of the company, which is “keep it simple”, says all about the ethics of the products manufactured. Initially this italian denim jeans company not only sold its own products but also the products of other established brands. But the denims manufactured by the company became such a hit that it later gave up selling other brands’ products and focussed on expanding its own business in other European countries. With globalisation fuelling the demand world-wide the italian denim brands company now has outlets at fifty six different countries including Japan, India, Great Britain, Russia etc. GAS manufactures its products in four different lines- casual lines for men and women, junior line for little children, GAS denim line for special customized jeans, GAS Honda line for manufacturing the Moto-outfits.

Diesel jeans are another brand which has a wide customer base spread all over the world. Diesel too is an Italian jeans company and it was started in 1955. Diesel jeans are only manufactured in Italy though they are exported to many countries. They are designed with top quality fabric and with genuine style. As far as price is concerned this Italian jeans brand is on the costly side. But if you want yourself to have the best of the best in terms of quality then Diesel is certainly your kind of brand. The italian designer pants company has its lines segregated into- Diesel denim, Diesel male, Diesel for females, Diesel kids and Diesel leather. In addition to manufacturing the apparels, the company has also invested in the men’s shades sunglasses, perfumes and footwear.

The Italian jeans brand Levi Strauss was born when a tailor from Italy started putting copper rivets in the denims to prevent them from tearing down. The tailor faced financial problems in patenting it and thus he approached to a clothing distributor Mr. Levi Strauss for help. Adding his zing to the already created style he created the Levi-Strauss brand. He put the garment label outside instead of inside creating a new trend.
So if you want to buy yourself a nice pair of perfectly fitting jeans which can be worn in most of the occasions you now know where to look!!!

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