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The name of AngelosFrentzos may not ring a bell immediately in most people other than die-hard fashion followers. But, this Greek designer is extremely popular in Europe and his clothes are seen on the runways of Europe regularly. He has always been inspired by contemporary art, music and is greatly influenced by the mores of the time. His latest showing is also influenced by the New York artist Michael Bevilacqua’s art and the result is simply stunning. An amalgamation of pop and goth, the symbols and images are reminiscent of life growing up in north California. His clothing is as eclectic s his designs and consists of jumpers, t-shirts, jackets, shorts and full trousers, all of which are distinctly urban in their appearance. For fans, International Clothing Store at DressSpace is a reputed web portal where designer clothes are available at good prices. 

At DressSpace Angelos Frentzos clothing, you can browse through the designer’s current limited edition collection which is really, really exclusive as it is meant for only a Milan boutique. The capsule collection ranges from edgy to comfortable and gives a young, fresh perspective to fashion. But, the clothes are definitely for those who like to love life dangerously and are not meant for the conservative dresser. Patched and printed with the artist’s work, DressSpace Angelos Frentzos clothing gives you a glimpse of this bold collection which extensively refers to musical bands like the gritty and dark Joy division. 

His collection can be also be purchased at DressSpace Angelos Frentzos clothing and if one is patient, one may also be able to snag a good price which will be striking gold since Angelos Frentzos’s clothes do not come cheap!
Angelos-Frentzos T-Shirt maniche lunghe


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