3 fashion blunders women should avoid

 Against my killer Longsleeved T-shirt
When it comes to fashion, even though most women of today are very enthusiastic about it, they commit a number of blunders. Such mistakes can make you the butt of a private joke and even erode your social reputation in the eyes of the males. 

Here are some common fashion mistakes which you should try avoiding: 

i.                    Not re-tailoring the jackets: When you spend heavily on those wintry jackets, try spending a bit more so that it fits you perfectly. Minor alterations can do full justice to that jacket which would look better on your body, even if your figure is not the most enviable. An ill-fitting coat or jacket can make you look fatter and even a tad awkward. 
Against my killer T-shirt with Polo neckline
ii.                  Not wearing a belt: At times, even the most delightful outfits from DressSpace Andrew Mackenzie Clothinge may look slightly flat if they are not accessorized. It has been observed on countless occasions that wearing the right accessory can accentuate the beauty of that dream outfit you had splurged on. Hence, it is strongly recommended that you complement that outfit with a waist belt of the right color and size. These belts are slim and can give perfect shape to your waists apart from making you look like a fashion queen.  

iii.                Not paying attention to the hair: For a woman, her hair is her greatest natural accessory. Whether you have long manes or shoulder-length hairs, you should spend time over them to get into styles which would complement your dress. Going to a hair dresser is the best option. But if you want to save money, then do your hair in a way that it does not look disheveled but still lends you that funky appeal. If you are hankering to buy designer dresses from Andrew Mackenzie or Rick Owens, then you should also pick up some cool hair accessories!


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