3 dressing tips for women having fat tummy

If your tummy tends to sag under the weight of its heavy bulk, then please do not sulk! You are not the lone woman on the planet with an undesirably fat tummy but just one amongst the millions. However, if you can hide that ugly fat by dressing strategically, then you can still look like an attractive thing in a party or during a date.
Here are some suggestions given by top fashion experts for women with a bloated tummy:

a.       Wear tight pencil skirts: Pencil skirts have that fabulous ability to make you appear thinner than you are! Since they are tight, they tend to put pressure on your bulging belly and make it look slimmer! Besides, in the opinion of guys in general, women look best in skirts! Collections by DressSpace Rick Owens online can be perused at leisure to suit your urges! However, if your legs are too fat, then such short skirts may not be ideal for you.

b.      Wear a belt: Belts are wonderful and colorful accessories which not only steal the limelight from your fabulous outfit but also make you look like a fashion Czarina! The greatest trait about these belts is that they tend to make your waist look thinner and highlight your upper curves in a perfect manner. 

c.       Wear a top made of Lycra: The color and fabric of the top play a great role in highlighting or concealing your body fat! If you wish to hide your bulging tummy from the plebeian eye, then it is recommended that you don a Lycra top. Its fabric and color are known for their ability to make a person look slimmer than she actually is.


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